The Ipswich Head & Neck Cancer 

Support Group

The Journey Through Cancer Together...

We aim to support Patients, Family, Friends

and anyone who has been affected by
Head and Neck Cancer

We Offer

 Support Group Socials, Clinic Volunteers 

Leaflets, DVD 

Email & Telephone contact

Cancer affects the whole family, not just the patient all are welcome

Please watch our Dvd "So...What Happens Next? A Patient Pathway To Head & Neck Cancer" that explains and shows what happens once someone has been diagnosed, and the different stages that the treatment pathway goes through with interviews with some Consultants and others that are involved.

Please click on the picture oposite to watch it.

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Our clinic volunteer Dave Wilkins is there to help you, even if that means just getting you a cup of tea, listening or pointing you in the right direction.

Mobile Phone Number: 07494 747724

This phone is not maned 24hrs a day so please leave a message and we will get back to you

Please see our latest completed project to help Head & Neck Cancer patients by clicking on the picture